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Does this sound familiar?
– Where do I start?
– How do I fix my characters?
– Does my plot suck?

In our courses, we cover all these topics and more. The lessons are to-the-point, but thorough.

We always include examples to make it easier for those who learn better that way.

’20 Minute’ Design

You are a busy person!

Our courses are designed in 20-minute chunks so you can get started anytime.

With our detailed instructions, you’ll spend more time making progress and less time wondering what you should be doing.

Practice-based Learning

When you learn a new skill, reading about it isn’t always enough. Guided practice is the key.

In our courses, we’ve got you covered.

The quiz and homework components of each lesson help you practice the concepts you’ve learned.


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This was a grand slam of online learning. Terrific material.

This chapter is my favorite so far. The explanations are clear and easy to understand for probably the most complex part of story-telling. Thank you for this well thought out guide for evaluating both the story goal and character arc.


Thank you for this wonderful course. I have struggled with editing for years. I thought I had a good grasp of what was needed, but this has made it so much clearer, and I am (almost)looking forward to getting stuck into revising another novel.

What you have done is similar to turning a good basic cook into a 5* chef! You have provided the tools to add texture, spiciness, flavour, colour and visual treats to our writing. Thank you.

Caro Ayres

This editing course is darn near perfect. The text is crystal-clear, the interactive components engaging, and the ‘hints’ scattered throughout invaluable. I’m relatively new to fiction writing as opposed to academic, and I’m thrilled to have found such rock-solid support as I explore my craft.


What I found most useful were the various examples which show how reordering sentences make scenes stronger/weaker combined with an explanation of *why* those small changes have such a large effect. This helped clarify various concepts that I’ve only intuitively (and inexpertly) grasped before.



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