Here’s the problem:

You know (or your critique partner told you) that your novel is too fast-paced.  What are three things you can do at the scene level to slow down the pacing?

In our course you will learn 5 techniques for slowing down the pacing.  Here are 2 of them.

Insert missing sequels

Analyze your chapters and look for missing sequels. If you have scene after scene with no sequels, then inserting the missing sequels will dramatically improve the pacing.  And letting the reader see what your characters see and do in the sequel will add dimension to the character.

Not sure what a sequel is?  You need to learn.  Look online (check the quality of the source) or get our course (simpler).  Scenes and Sequels are components of scene structure that are important for pacing, characterization and plot.


Add more introspection

Yet another method for slowing the pace is to add more introspection to your scenes. This must be used carefully so that you don’t drag down the pace too far. Used judiciously, it will slow the pace and give greater insight into your character’s thoughts.

We teach you about the role of introspection in the first two lessons of our Scene Editing System course.

These are just two of the strategies you will learn in our Scene Editing System course (and in our more extensive Fiction Editing System Mastery Course).

Do yourself a favor and make life a little easier. Learn what you need to know with our easy-to-access, practical courses.